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New Races

Playable Races

Folderol allows player characters to be races not normally available in Neverwinter Nights. The number of playable races will increase with time. The more DMs hear from players who want to play a certain player race, the faster that race will be put in.


(To be a formian, make a human character and type "Formian" in the subrace field without the quotes.)

We are the colony. We know and want only servitude, save for those fated to be queen.

Some of us, the mymnarchs, are born to aid the queen by seeing that her orders are carried out properly. The mymnarchs hold no special pride. We do not seek to gain advantage over each other as do members of chaotic alien races. We know the brothers and sisters near us as ourselves, sharing the colony's mental link.

There are scouts who explore the world, sometimes venturing north across the desert. A few sad individuals lose touch with the colony, through distance, injury, or mutation. Those who no longer serve the colony are no longer Formians. They have fallen to the level of the chaotic alien races.

Careful preservation of our purity has retained for us:

  • +2 wis
  • -2 dex
  • -2 cha
  • +10 saves vs. poison
  • 5th level:
    • 5 / - vs. cold
  • 10th level:
    • 5 / - vs. sonic
  • 15th level:
    • 5 / - vs. electric
  • 20th level:
    • 5 / - vs. fire

Should you need to reshape your body, use your appearance widget. (Back to top)


To be a goblin, make a gnome or halfling character, and type "Goblin" in the subrace field (without the quotes.)

Goblins get:

  • +4 Dexterity
  • -1 Strength
  • -1 Constitution
  • -1 Charisma
  • Darkvision
  • Choice of appearances (regular goblin, goblin shaman, or goblin chief, choice of skin colors--or stay as a halfling/gnome)
  • Light-sensitive (-1 on to-hit rolls while outside during the day in clear weather)

Five centuries ago, the empire of Greater Gobble dominated Folderol, defeating the larger races with cleverness, ruthlessness, and great coordination. That empire has crumbled, but the other races have not forgotten their mistreatment at the hands of goblins. This makes for awkward moments should a goblin attend a mixed dinner party. Most goblins choose to avoid such situations entirely by living in remote places out of the way of the big races. The majority of goblins have a mean streak bred into them by the years of empire, and still perpetrate evil against the big people.

As a player character goblin, you receive an appearance widget. With this widget, you can choose between six goblin models, a gnome model and a halfling model. Whether you play as a full-blooded goblin or some variety of half-breed is a roleplaying decision up to you. (Back to top)


(To be a kobold, make a gnome or halfling character, and type "Kobold" in the subrace field without the quotes.)

Shh! Are we alone? Do you spy a hulking elf, or feel in your chest the plodding bootstep of a nasty human? No? Then we can talk. But keep a look out.

Beware the big people--only in great numbers can we face them. Beware the goblins--they are more numerous than us. Beware the halflings--they have big friends. While you're at it, just beware.

Our scales protect us, and we're quick. Maybe that means we're part dragon, but I never met a kobold old enough to know for sure. All we can do for now is keep our eyes open, keep thinking, and keep alive.

Wherever our blood came from, it gives us:

  • Alertness
  • +1 con
  • +1 dex
  • -2 str
  • +1 ac (doesn't stack with armor bonuses)

If you need to change your appearance, use your appearance widget. (Back to top)


To be a lizardman, make a human character, and type "Lizardman" in the subrace field (without the quotes.)

Lizardmen get:

  • +2 Constitution
  • -2 Intelligence
  • Choice of 4 lizardman and 2 lizardwoman appearances.

Lizardmen are tough reptile-people. They are a lot like humans in culture, but never achieved the technological and cultural complexities of mankind. Civilized humans tend to look down on the lizard-folk as dumb brutes, but are aware that lizardmen are just a little tougher than humans. (Back to top)


To be a nymph (dryads and nyads are kinds of nymphs), make a female elf character, and type "Nymph" in the subrace field (without the quotes.)

Nymphs get:

  • +2 Charisma
  • -2 Dexterity (cancels elf bonus)
  • Several innate magic abilities (see below)
  • Choice of dryad, nymph (nyad-looking) or elf appearance.

Nymphs are semi-divine nature spirits, always female. Every nymph is bonded to some aspect of nature. Dryads are bonded to a tree, nyads are spirits of streams and ponds, nereids are from the sea, oreads dwell in remote mountains.

As a nymph, you received an appearance widget with which you can change between the dryad appearance, the "nymph" model (kind of a nyad look,) and your default elf appearance.

Nymphs are best known for their superhuman beauty. In addition to their physical appearance, their understanding of nature allows them the power to influence creatures around them, including people. This ability is equal to the spell Charm Person Or Animal, and grows as the nymph becomes more experienced:

  • Level 1, as level 3 caster 1x/day
  • Level 2, as level 3 caster 2x/day
  • Level 3+, as level 3 caster 3x/day

At higher levels, you will be able to cast dominate spells. Dominated creatures will follow you as a henchmen, doing your bidding for a short time.

  • 7th+: Dominate Animal 1x per day as 5th level caster
  • 9th+: Dominate Person 1x per day as 7th level caster
  • 17th+: Dominate Monster 1x per day as 17th level caster

As you reach the appropriate levels to use these skills, you will gain a useable item. Drag the item to a quickslot, and you will be able to click that quickslot to use your special ability. (Back to top)


(To be an ogre, make a human character and type "Ogre" in the subrace field without the quotes.)

Welcome tuh Folderol yoo slab. Yoo big, yoo tough, yoo dumb. Prolly yoo dumb anyway, most o' us ogres iz.

Five cent'ries ago, we ogres wuz big armiez. Da smart goblin king hired us ta kick good guy butt. An' we did. Cept now da goblin king iz dead, an' dere ain't big armies of us anymore, an' dere's lots of good guyz now. Weird.

Now we iz here an dere. Some o' us fights fer hire, some o' us lives alone, some o' us became veg'tarians. Maybe some o' us talks funny like hoomans do.

Dis is what we gets fer bein' an ogre:

  • +4 str
  • +4 con
  • -2 dex
  • -2 cha
  • -2 int
  • -2 wis

We also gots an appearance widget. We uses it tuh picks what we looks like. (Back to top)


(To be an orc, make a half-orc character and type "Orc" in the subrace field without the quotes.)

War! That is what we orcs want! We're good at war! We're strong, there are a lot of us, and we don't get slowed down with too much thinking. We fight to the death, and we always win! You can tell we always win because you'll never talk to an orc that has lost a fight!

Our tribe fights anything that's not orc. And if it runs out of that kind of thing our tribe will find other orcs to fight! And if we can't find another tribe we'll fight each other! Sometimes orcs die, but that's only so they can go join the Big Battle on the Other Side for more practice!

Sometimes there's a big chief that finds stuff for all the tribes to fight together. They still tell stories about the Goblin King, and how he made the biggest army ever! least, that's the way it is with most orcs.

As an orc, you get the following:

  • +2 str
  • -2 wis
  • Sensitive to sunlight (-1 to hit in bright sun)

Also, you have received an appearance widget. Use it if you want to change how you look. (Back to top)


To be a pixy, make a gnome or halfling character, and type "Pixy" in the subrace field (without the quotes.)

Pixies get:

  • +5 Dexterity
  • -5 Strength
  • -5 Constitution
  • Dispell Magic 1x / day
  • Confusion 1x / day
  • Charm Person 1x / day

Pixies are playful residents of remote groves and enchanted grottoes. Though rarely evil-hearted, they have a reputation as pranksters and trouble-makers.

Pixies are given an item in your inventory for each of their special abilities. Drag it into a quickslot and click it to use an ability. (Back to top)


To be a yuan ti, make a female human character, and type "Yuan Ti" in the subrace field (without the quotes.)

Yuan Ti get:

  • +2 Intelligence
  • -2 Strength
  • Several innate magic abilities (see below)
  • Choice of 3 yuan-ti or human appearance.

Yuan ti are a mysterious race of snake-people from the east. Some yuan ti appear almost human, some are giant snakes, and most fall somewhere in between. Yuan ti have both genders, but only female yuan ti models are available in Folderol.

You received an appearance widget which allows you to change between three yuan ti appearances and your standard human appearance.

Yuan ti are an ancient race, magically gifted and devoted to Evil. They use deception and illusion to bring about the destruction of Good, striving to one day dominate the world. As a player character Yuan Ti, what your relationship is to your race, and what your personal views are is up to you.

Yuan ti gain these special abilites as they advance:

  • Level 3+, casts Entangle 1x / day.
  • Level 4+, casts Darkness 1x / day.
  • Level 7+, casts Neutralize Poison 1x / day.

As you reach the appropriate levels to use these skills, you will gain a useable item. Drag the item to a quickslot, and you will be able to click that quickslot to use your special ability. (Back to top)

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