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Folderol CEP FAQ

Folderol uses using CEP! CEP ("Community Expansion Pack") is a bundle of hak packs common to many modules.

Where do I get CEP?
CEP can be downloaded from NWVault. It comes in Windows, Mac, and Linux versions, and the Windows version even has a handy installer!

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Why did Folderol change change from the old haks?
To make it easier to start playing Folderol. Folderol had been using custom haks that no one has before they play Folderol. Requiring the download has been discouraging people from playing unless they're referred by a friend. As hundreds of thousands of people have already downloaded CEP, changing to CEP meant many people can try Folderol without any new download.

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How will this affect my Folderol character?
All your Folderol characters will still be playable after the change.

Although most Folderol items work with CEP, a few old items won't work right after the change. The first time you log in with a pre-CEP character after CEP launch, Folderol will scan your inventory and replace any non-working items with a generous amount of gold.

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Will I still be able to play other modules if I download the CEP?
Yes. The CEP is just a bunch of files that sit on your hard drive until a module (like Folderol) asks for the files.

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How do I learn more about the CEP?
You don't actually need to know anything about the CEP to use it. Just download the CEP installer and double-click..

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Server Info

The Folderol server address is:

Also, Folderol is listed on Game Spy under Role Play.