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What happens if my character dies?

If a character's hit points are reduced to zero or less, they fall down and lose one hit point every 12 seconds. Hopefully, a friend will help them with a first aid kit or healing spell during this time. If the character is brought back to 1 or more hit points, the hit point loss stops and the character gets up.

During this time, there is a 10% chance every 12 seconds that the character will begin to recover. If this happens, the lucky character begins gaining 1 hit point every 6 seconds, until they are at 1 hit point.

Should an unfortunate character reach -10 hit points, they "die". Dead characters can be brought back to life if a friend uses a magic item or casts a spell to raise dead or resurrect. Scrolls that do this can be found on the merchants around Folderol, but they are expensive.

Dead characters will be presented with a "respawn" button. If they click it, they will be brought to a safe place and fully healed. There is a price for respawning, however: 50 experience points per level. The penalty will never make your character lose a level.

There are NPCs near respawn points which can send respawning characters back to the place they died. (Back to top)

Are there rest limits?

Folderol does not require any special items to rest (food or bedroll, for example.) It does limit resting to once every 8 minutes, unless the character respawns or drinks some camomile tea. Respawning or drinking tea lets the character rest even if 8 minutes have not yet passed since last rest.

Resting restores all of a character's spells, special abilities, and hit points.

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How fast will my character get XP?

When a character is playing solo, Folderol awards XP at a similar rate to the Neverwinter Nights default. When a character is in a group, a bonus is added to the XP awards, then the XP is divided between group members. Groups of two get a small bonus, groups of three get a big bonus, and groups of four or more get the biggest bonus.

Also, how much XP a monster is worth to a group is based on the highest level member of a group. The fastest way to level in Folderol is to form a group of 4 characters of similar level.

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What dieties are recognized in Folderol?

There aren't hard rules about dieties in Folderol. Many characters recognize Forgotten Realms dieties, but players are also welcome to use dieties from other sources.

If you're one of those unfortunate players who wants to play a cleric but doesn't have a diety reference handy, pick a general title by which to refer to your diety ("Goddess of the Hearth" or "The Hunter") and run with that. (Back to top)

Is Folderol part of the Forgotten Realms?

No, Folderol is a world unto itself. If you want your character to have a backstory based in another world, such as the Forgotten Realms, go ahead and figure out how they got to Folderol (Sailed through a strange mist? Powerful banishing curse? Fell into a magical vortex?)

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What is Folderol's mood?

Folderol is light-hearted fantasy. Speaking and acting in character is expected, to each player's ability. It is intended as a welcoming, comfortable place to play. Players are encouraged to play good and neutral characters, and to be excellent to each other.

There is plenty of hunting and action for those who are into such things, but Folderol is mostly about the personalities of its player-inhabitants.

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Is Folderol PG13?


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Is there player-killing in Folderol?

Only between consenting participants. Folderol is set to Party PvP. That means that it is possible for PCs to hurt each other. However, annoying players by attacking their characters without consent is not tolerated.

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Each player has a friendstone. "Use" your friendstone to instantly teleport to any party member. This is a great way to hook up with friends without having to spend time running across the countryside.

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Some characters can speak special languages. Non-human characters can speak their racial language. Rogues, rangers and druids also get special languages based on their profession. Characters get items in their inventory representing each special language they speak.

To speak a special language, type "/dm [Hello!]" and your character will say "Hello!" in their special language. Everyone will see the text translated into the special language, and those who can understand the language (including you) will see what was said in English as yellow text in the right-hand text window.

If you have more than one special language and want to switch to another language, "use" the item for that language.

Sometimes special languages don't work right if there are no creatures around. If you're far from any NPCs, animals or monsters and your special language talk isn't showing up properly, "use" your language item to get the langugage working properly again.

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New Races

There are several special races one can play in Folderol such as goblin and lizardman. For more details, check out the races page.

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Player Housing

Ever want to design a home for your character? Folderol characters can lease a persistent private home and decorate it, all in-game. No toolset use necessary.

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Widgets (player, emote)

Every player gets an emote widget and a player widget. The emote widget can be used to make your character sit, pray, worship, and do various other emotes. The player widget does things such as display a list of characters online, their levels, and where they are, and set information for yourself such as "looking for group".

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Server Info

The Folderol server address is:

Also, Folderol is listed on Game Spy under Role Play.