Multiplayer Module for
Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark


Hak packs
New Races

Folderol is tasty blend of action, RP and humor, brewed just for you by a select band of fragrant nuts. Pixie, Goblin, Lizard Man, Dryad, Yuan Ti and more are playable races here, complete with appearance and special abilities. Quest for hidden tomes that can change your PC forever. Lease and decorate a home for your character. Enjoy the delights of herbal cookery (and smokery.)

CEP 2.2

Folderol is now using CEP 2.2. That is a collection of hak packs that is very easy to install. If you need to get CEP, or upgrade an old version of CEP, get it from NWVault. Alternately, look here for more detail.

Scheduled DM Events

Scheduled DM events are back!

In addition to random DM events, there will be a scheduled game the first Saturday of each month. These events are opportunities to see Folderol at its most animated, and be part of events that shape the world. Though some XP and treasure may be gained, the focus will be role-playing and storybuilding.

For details about times and level ranges, see the posting in the Folderol Forum.

New Forum!

Folderol has a forum! No ads, plenty of features that weren't available at ezboard, and faster loading to boot! C'mon over and let us know what you think!

More Voice Sets and Portraits!

Want more voices and portraits to chose from? These downloads unlock voices and portraits that aren´t normally available when you make a character. Everyone in Folderol will be able to see the portrait and hear the voice you pick, even if they have not downloaded these extras.

Click the links below to see instructions on how to use the extras.

More voice sets! (34 KB download)

More portraits! (23 MB download)

Custom race portraits, such as lizardmen and kobolds! (13 MB download)

Server Info

The Folderol server address is:

Also, Folderol is listed on Game Spy under Role Play.